Madison Associates, Inc.

Madison Associates, Inc., (Madison)

was established in 1997 and created for the purpose of making critical skilled and experienced personnel resources available to Federal law enforcement. It provides highly skilled and experienced law enforcement personnel to federal enforcement agencies, prosecutors and the courts in the areas of forensic accounting and financial investigative services. Madison provides its clients with a level of expertise unavailable elsewhere, in a productive and cost-effective manner ensuring satisfaction and success.

Madison Associates, Inc., (Madison) uses career professionals to conduct complex financial and asset forfeiture investigations. These individuals have expertise in identifying illegal proceeds, tracing funds through complex financial transactions and documenting sophisticated money laundering schemes. Madison personnel have served Federal law enforcement in a variety of capacities, including as investigators, supervisors, forfeiture counsels, and executive managers, affording them insight in resolving the types of issues that commonly arise in significant long-term financial and forfeiture cases. Our professionals have worked with virtually every component of the Department of Justice's National Asset Forfeiture Program.

Our Mission

Madison is committed to providing unparalleled expertise to our government clients while maintaining the highest professional standards and a commitment to integrity. We have brought together an unmatched team of accomplished financial investigative professionals with the breadth and depth of expertise required to achieve the specific goals of our clients. Our highly regarded personnel are comprised of the most talented financial investigators and administrators – many having extensive supervisory and executive managerial experience with Federal enforcement agencies. This experience enables Madison personnel to work effectively alongside our client's staff to accomplish their mission and objectives and allows our clients to benefit from the decades of practical experience in Federal law enforcement acquired by Madison without the costs, resource commitment and time delays associated with developing in-house expertise.

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