Contract Vehicles

Doing business with Madison.

We provide the highest quality of services through a variety of contract vehicles, either as the principal or as a member of a team partnered with other firms.

Federal agencies obtaining Madison's services can do so conveniently through the variety of contract vehicles we have been awarded, allowing agencies rapid access to a wide range of services. Drawing upon our dedicated team of experts across the firm, Madison is able to ensure the highest quality service is available quickly to meet the needs of our clients.

Madison Associates, Inc. (Madison) is on the GSA schedule.

Madison Associates GSA Contract Number

Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS)
Category H - Professional Services

Contract Vehicles Used to Acquire Madison Services:

  • » Asset Forfeiture Investigative Support Services (Awarded March 2016)
  • » GSA — Financial and Business Solutions
  • » Direct Contracting between Madison and Client
  • » Court Ordered Services
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