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at Madison Associates, Inc.

Highest Quality of Services

We provide only the highest quality of services through a variety of contract vehicles, either as the principal or as a member of a team partnered with other firms. In this manner, we have successfully provided the following services to domestic enforcement agencies and to foreign governments.

Financial Crime Services

We employ as our Financial Crime Investigators only the most talented investigators with years of experience in conducting, supervising and managing major criminal investigations. All of our Financial Crime Investigators have extensive careers in conducting complex financial investigations where they:

  • » Used forensic accounting techniques to track the flow of funds;
  • » Uncovered complicated fraud and money laundering schemes;
  • » Testified as experts in Federal Courts

Most are former financial crime investigators who bring with them the experience and training of twenty-year federal law enforcement careers. Each has the experience of working as part of a team where the strengths of each member are used to maximize the effectiveness of the entire team. They have extensive experience in the preparation of charts, tables and visual aids used to summarize the results of lengthy investigations and analyses, making the complex facets of transactions more easily understood.

They are the premier financial investigators of the Federal law enforcement community.

Our skilled personnel and subject matter experts provide solutions for law enforcement agencies and organizations in the areas of:

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