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  • Criminal Fraud
    • Madison's professionals are highly experienced in establishing new investigative leads using unconnected, aggregate data
    • Madison's professionals conduct complex financial investigations that are strategically focused and monitored to ensure sustainable conclusions
  • Complex Financial and Money Laundering
    • Madison uses only career professionals to identify illegal proceeds, trace funds through complicated financial transactions and disclose sophisticated money laundering schemes
    • Strategic use of financial crime investigatory techniques to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations to ensure that criminals do not profit from their crimes and deterring future crime
  • Computer Forensic Services
  • Asset Forfeitures
  • Financial Analysis
    • Madison's professionals perform complex analysis of financial data to establish specified unlawful activities, locate assets, identify the source of funds and schemes to hide ownership
    • Madison professionals have expertise in asset focused database research and analysis in pursuit of forfeitable assets
  • Financial Auditing
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