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Financial institutions and businesses are increasingly being driven by the data they collect or have access to and use in making important financial and business decisions. In turn, financial investigations, which are the core competency of Madison, are becoming more and more dependent on the ability to capture and analyze the data collected, used and stored by the institutions and businesses.

Madison focuses its financial investigations on processes that are consistent, reliable and accurate. They are investigations that are relevant to the issues being examined and must be conducted in a manner that produces results in a timely manner, for delays in producing results may easily lead to failures in the overall investigative objectives.

As a result, Madison strives to reduce the time needed to conduct its investigations, lower the cost of its services while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of its efforts. To accomplish these objectives, Madison uses only the most current methods and technology available to extract data from both structured and unstructured data sources, process the data to transform it into usable formats and thereby increase its scalability, efficiency, control, accuracy and usability.

To this end, Madison has established a Data Extraction Unit, a functional component that provides a valuable and efficient method of extracting relevant data, processing that data in a cost sensitive manner by using the most sophisticated technology to provide timely results suitable for probative analysis for clients and inhouse investigators.

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