Our Expertise

and Our Experience

What Sets Us Apart

Our strength is our people.

Our highly regarded personnel and the exceptional technical and interpersonal skills they possess enable Madison Associates, Inc., (Madison) to ensure success. We provide our clients with not only the technical expertise necessary to achieve case specific goals but also with the professional experience that enables us to work effectively alongside law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. These attributes enable clients to benefit from the years of practical experience in Federal law enforcement acquired by Madison without the costs, resource commitment and time delays associated with developing in-house expertise.

The Madison Benefits

Only Career Professionals

We use only career professionals to conduct complex financial investigations. These individuals have the expertise to identify illegal proceeds, trace funds through complicated financial transactions and disclose sophisticated money laundering schemes.

30 Years of Experience

The President of Madison has over 30 years of experience in the strategic use of financial crime investigatory techniques to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations, to ensure criminals do not profit from their crimes and to help deter future crime through the proper use of asset forfeiture.

Client Satisfaction

We oversee our personnel and their work product to ensure client satisfaction.

Proven Experience

Our professionals have proven experience in assisting in the development of comprehensive investigative programs to reduce the incidence of money laundering and institutional weaknesses that permit it to flourish.

Proven Capabilities

Our professionals have served Federal law enforcement in a variety of capacities, including as investigators, supervisors and executive managers, which gives them the insight and experience to advise and assist in resolving the types of issues that commonly arise in major, complex, long-term financial investigations and asset forfeiture cases.

Asset Forfeiture Expertise

Our professionals have expertise in all aspects of Asset Forfeiture including identifying assets, methods to seize and forfeit the assets, the sale and disposal of assets, identifying victim issues in fraud cases and ensuring the rights of the government, owners, victims and third parties are protected.

Specific Monitoring

We have developed industry specific plans for monitoring the activities and conduct of large businesses to protect the government's financial interests from dissipation and ensure transparency and propriety in the maintenance and liquidation process.

Federal Receivership Expertise

We have extensive experience in Federal Receivership duties and responsibilities and the most effective methods to marshal, secure, maintain and subsequently dispose of assets without values being unduly diminished or dissipated.

Technical Advisory Experience

We have technical advisory experience with 12 foreign governments in developing and implementing legislation establishing seizure, forfeiture and disposition of property regimes in addition to bringing countries up to international standards in connection with anti-money laundering regimes.

Database Research and Analysis

Our professionals have expertise in asset focused Government and commercial database research and analysis in pursuit of forfeitable assets.

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