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Jim Robnett

Executive Director for Market Development and Project Management

Mr. James D. Robnett joined Madison Associates, Inc., in August 2022 as Executive Director for Market Development and Project Management. In this role, Mr. Robnett will lead Madison's efforts to develop increased business opportunities in the Federal law enforcement community and expand its deployment of advanced technological capabilities in helping address the enforcement missions of its clients in an era of increased financial sophistication of individuals and entities who become targets of those clients. Mr. Robnett will also work closely with Executive Management to help ensure Madison exceeds expectations in deliverables to its clients and maintains the high level of integrity for which Madison is known in doing so.

Mr. Robnett concluded his 36-year career in government service prior to joining Madison as Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation (CI) for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In that role, he was responsible for overseeing a worldwide staff of over 3,000 employees responsible for investigating crimes involving tax, money laundering, public corruption, cyber, ID theft, narcotics and terrorist-financing. Before becoming Deputy Chief, he was the Director of Field Operations (DFO), Southern Area within CI. In that role, he was responsible for planning, developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating criminal investigation programs in the Southern Area, where he was responsible for, among others, overseeing all criminal investigations and the East Coast Cyber Crime Unit.

As Executive Director with Madison, Mr. Robnett will use the knowledge, skills and unique expertise acquired in a sterling career in CI, with a record of outstanding achievements, to increase Madison's ability to deliver the high quality and disciplined professional services to which we have dedicated our firm, in a time of expanding opportunities.

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