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Providing services with the highest professional standards and a commitment to integrity.


To Madison Associates, Inc.

We're an International Law Enforcement Services Firm providing technical advice, strategic planning, program review, training and assistance to governments, law enforcement agencies, and private companies in the areas of forensic accounting, financial crime, money laundering, corruption, asset forfeiture, leadership development, business monitoring and serving as a Court appointed Receiver.
We are dedicated to providing these services while maintaining the highest professional standards and a commitment to integrity.

Why Choose Madison

Our strength is our people.

Our highly regarded personnel and the exceptional technical and interpersonal skills they possess enable us to ensure success.

Our Specialties at MAI

Quality of Services

We use career professionals with expertise in identifying illegal proceeds, tracing funds through complex financial transactions and documenting sophisticated money laundering schemes.

Our Expertise at MAI

Our Expertise

We provide our clients technical expertise necessary to achieve case specific goals with the professional experience that enables us to work effectively alongside law enforcement personnel and prosecutors.

How MAI is different

Meet the Founder

Our President, William R. Schroeder, has over 30 years of experience in the strategic use of financial crime investigatory techniques to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations.

Our Services

We provide only the highest quality of services through a variety of contract vehicles, either as the principal or as a member of a team partnered with other firms.
Below are services we have successfully provided to domestic enforcement agencies and to foreign governments. Our skilled personnel and subject matter experts provide solutions for law enforcement agencies and organizations in the area of:

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